Between gravity and Grace

Gravity, in Weil’s spiritual vocabulary, is the evil to which the human soul is prone, a force which draws it always downward or keeps it down even when it would rise. Grace is the opposing force which alone can make possible, by its presence, the liberation and ascent of the soul. Grace is a funny […]

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Hot Priest Shit

“If you are ever tempted to look for outside approval, realize that you have compromised your integrity. If you need a witness, be your own.” Epictetus. The more time I spend online with the “Occult Community” the less I want to be there. One thing that has become apparent is that while the community isn’t […]

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Forgive Unceasingly.

“What would human society be without forgiveness? A menagerie among the menagerie of nature. What, besides unbearable chains, would all human laws on earth be if they were not mitigated by forgiveness? Without forgiveness, could a mother be called a mother, a brother a brother, a Christian a Christian? No, forgiveness is the cornerstone of […]

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The Worldliness of Online Drama

As of late I’ve noticed that some folks are addicted to outrage. It’s almost as if the last 4 years of constant news cycles, exhausting dramatics, hysteria, and attacks have a great many people a great deal of dopamine . Now that things are returning to normal, a normal that is still problematic and far […]

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Reclaiming Food: A Review

Reclaiming Food is the latest work from Emma Kathryn (author of Reclaiming Ourselves and instructor of Becoming Wild—The Tools of Resistance) Kathryn as created a useful and remarkably straight forward text that combines cookbooks with survival guide. In a remarkably refreshing and barebones fashion Kathryn explores the lost art of cooking. Real cooking, with real […]

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Towards a LuxUmbrian Hesychasm

Hesychasm is a profound yet practical path of transcendence. Hesychasm’s roots extend back almost two thousand years to the beginnings of the Christian church. What we know of this practice originate from the writing of the Desert Fathers, whose ascetic practices were at the heart of Christianity. This practice was all but lost after the […]

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Dead to the World.

What does it mean to the dead to the world? Should those who lead a religious life completely retreat from worldly affairs? Existing in the World but not of it? Seperated and free from alluring passions of love of riches, desire for possessions, bodily pleasure from which comes sexual passion, love of honor which gives […]

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Martin Luther King Day 2021

Over the past 4 years folks have been told so many awful things. We’ve been threatened with violence. We’ve had our feelings trivialized. We’ve seen folks rise up in protest only to see them beaten and shot. We watched our country, and all of the promise it claims to offer colored by jingoism, white nationalism, […]

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