Dead to the World.

What does it mean to the dead to the world? Should those who lead a religious life completely retreat from worldly affairs? Existing in the World but not of it? Seperated and free from alluring passions of love of riches, desire for possessions, bodily pleasure from which comes sexual passion, love of honor which gives […]

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Martin Luther King Day 2021

Over the past 4 years folks have been told so many awful things. We’ve been threatened with violence. We’ve had our feelings trivialized. We’ve seen folks rise up in protest only to see them beaten and shot. We watched our country, and all of the promise it claims to offer colored by jingoism, white nationalism, […]

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Winter Solstice Blessings

To each of you, I hope this winter finds you well. This year has been a fucking dumpster fire. Political stress, environmental disasters, uncertainty in various earthly matters, and a pandemic that has stolen away lives have made 2020 a complete and total mess. This fails to mention the personal issues that have plagued us […]

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Occulture: Hell is Other People

The Occult marketplace is very small and the community of active magicians is even smaller. With such a small community one would think that we’d know each other well enough to coexist. However just because our population is small doesn’t mean that the drama and disagreements are. Sadly our “community” is much more a fan […]

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Monastic Witchcraft: Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is the Christian concept of actively fighting against supernatural forces of Evil. It, in essence, is a niche Christian worldview that allows for the existence of evil spirits, forces, and entities that intervene in human affairs. While common in many flavors of Christianity most practitioners utilize prayers as their main weapons against these evil […]

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The Religious Life:

Recently I was asked about how I came to live this life. I was called. I left the faith of my family because I found it lacking in spirit, kindness, and human decency. It was impossible to find God in a faith that actively destroyed his creation and killed his children. American Protestantism is to […]

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